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Internal Antenna Signal Booster

internal antenna
internal antenna signal booster
Boost Cell Phone Signal
internal antenna

Increase your cell phone reception. The internal antenna has magnetic properties that capture stray Electro-magnetic waves and redirects it to your cell phone's own antenna. With the internal antenna, calls are clearer, whether you are indoors or outdoors. Boosts signal on all analog, digital and tri-band cell phones. Just read the testimonials below from some highly reputable sources! Do not accept any Imitation Internal Antenna you see elsewhere that will not work.

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Buy 2 Internal Antenna's and get the 3rd one FREE!

*The Internal Antenna now works on all iPhones, including the 3G, 3GS and iP4. Simply place the Internal Antenna Signal Booster on the back of your iPhone below the Apple Logo.


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internal antenna

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internal antenna booster
Calvin Sneed of ABC Channel 9 says "The internal antenna.. DOES IT WORK?... we'd have to say YES it does work..."
internal antenna signal booster
From KMBC 9 News "[Emily] Aylward said that she gives the Internal Antenna a B+ because it did improve her reception..."

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