Facts you need to know before you shop around

When you see absurdly low prices on other sites, we urge you to check their shipping and handling charges. Those are the hidden costs they use to get you at the checkout. We charge $3.99 for the first item + only 99¢ per each additional item for shipping, anywhere in the world !

FACT #2Waiting weeks for items you've already paid for is unacceptable. Many "discount sites" won't process your order until weeks later. We try our best to satisfy our loyal customers with our same day, 24 hour shipping policy.

FACT #3What happens when you need customer service? We have one of the most comprehensive service policies. Our team will answer your email within 24 hours. And per your request, we can have a trained representative call you to help you through any questions that may arise.

FACT #4Apex Cellular is one of the only online retailers in the world that will refund the FULL AMOUNT of your purchase if you will ever need to return your product(s), including shipping and handling. Other sites will refund your item(s) less shipping and handling + a % restocking fee.

When you do the math, you will see that Apex Cellular offers one of the lowest prices on the Internet... or anywhere else!  We operate an honest business, and we do not trick consumers with fine print and hidden charges.

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