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Nokia 3390 Covers
nokia 3390 covers
     NOKIA 3390 AMERICAN FLAG nokia 3390 covers
Nokia 3390 Covers - Old Glory Design
Support the United States and show your patriotism with this beautiful Nokia 3390 covers and faceplates. Designed after the Old Glory Flag pattern, these faceplates will set your Nokia 3390 apart from all other cell phones. All of our covers include front faceplate, rear battery housing and transparent buttons. Installation takes only seconds because of the 3390's easy Snap-On feature.



 $ 6.95 each  $19.95
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We also carry a full line of Nokia 3390 covers: Nokia 3360 covers and Nokia 3390 covers for your Nokia cell phone. All of our Nokia 3390 covers are made of the highest quality plastics and all Nokia 3360 and Nokia 3390 covers come with front faceplate cover, rear battery housing case and a set of high quality translucent buttons. And with the Nokia 3390 Quick Snap-On cover changes, changing your Nokia 3360 and Nokia 3390 covers are easier than ever. Apex Cellular also offers the lowest price on all shipping of our Nokia 3390 covers and Nokia 3360 covers: a flat rate of just $1.99 for any quantity, anywhere in the United States on all of our Nokia 3360 covers and Nokia 3390 covers.

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